Care and Fitting Instructions for your Spare Wheel Cover

Our UV Vinyl Wheel Covers are the perfect fit & made to last the distance.


Spare Wheel Cover Fitting Instructions

The Sentinel Spare Wheel Cover is made from a high quality, hard-wearing vinyl that’s resistant to mildew and harmful UV rays.

It’s cotton back and industrial strength stitching is designed to maintain its shape and a snug fit in any temperature. The cover comes with a sewn-in elastic band for an easy and snug fit.

Care of your Spare Wheel Cover:  Do not use any abrasive chemicals or cleaning agent as these may damage the inks.  Wash the cover with normal car wash soap and rinse with water.

Step by Step Fitting Instructions


Place the cover in front of the spare wheel and align it so that the design, image or logo is in a horizontal position.


Beginning at the top of the wheel. Hold the cover against the wheel and peel back the elasticised band; then slip it back over the first 5-7 cm of the wheel’s tread.


Repeat this action moving slowly down both sides of the wheel until you reach the bottom of the wheel.


Once the cover is on the edge of the tyre, carefully pull the cover over the remaining tread of the wheel starting again at the top of the wheel, and working it all the way around until the cover fits snugly over the wheel.